EntroPay: prepaid virtual Visa card

An EntroPay account is a prepaid Virtual VISA Card that is available to anyone worldwide. The EntroPay Virtual VISA Card works just like a normal VISA card only when you make online purchases. However, it is not tied to a bank account. Instead you manage it by logging on to EntroPay and using the online card management system. An EntroPay Virtual Card may be used online wherever VISA is accepted. There are no finance or interest charges associated with an EntroPay Virtual Card and because the card is prepaid, spending is limited to the amount of funds loaded onto the card. EntroPay Virtual VISA Cards are categorized, and branded by VISA as the 'VISA Classic Debit'.
It is important to notice thet your EntroPay Account is not a bank account. An EntroPay Account allows you to fund and create prepaid EntroPay Virtual VISA Cards only - you cannot carry out normal banking transactions such as writing cheques or setting up standing orders / direct debits etc.

For more info - visit: www.entropay.com


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