PayPay is getting popular in Europe

The new on-line payment system PayPay is getting more and more popular in Europe. This processor offers a few new and useful features which are attracting the attention of the usual internet users.

Of course, it will take time before people start trusting them with their money but the prospective is clearly in favor. After the common dissatisfied of PayPal and its costumers service it looks reasonable to search for new on-line payment alternatives.

As transferring money on the internet is becoming and important part of our life we are focused on finding the solution which suits our needs best. I am personally giving a try to most of the payment processor which look reliable.


Better new PayPal

The well known on-line payment solution: PayPal has now a new and much more actual looking appearance. Which brings to the point shouldn’t they alarm their user about this change. When I typed the address and saw the new vision I somehow decided that misspelled the name somehow. And I was wondering for a couple of moments if I wasn’t victim of some kind of physhing. It is really interesting question is it acceptable for an on-line payment processor where you trust your money to change so unexpectedly its design. I seriously believe it shouldn’t.

But then the good news came: new features and better functionality. It appeared to be possible to withdraw funds directly to the bank card (something which Moneybookers offered long time ago). It does matters for people without US bank accounts.

The other thing which made me surprised was the inclusion of new members in the community. It appears that fighting competition has good influence on the biggest on-line payment system and they have decided to evolve. Bravo, PayPal, bravo!

Taking into consideration that PayPal continues to be the only on-line payment solution for many programs and using it (despite of all its disadvantages) is mandatory we have to be grateful for these signs of improvement.