Cheap way to send/receive money

If you need to send or receive money from abroad quite often then you most certainly know that the expenses for these operations are serious. Using on-line payment systems can reduce them significantly.

For example uploading funds to your Moneybookers wallet is free of charge. The only thing to do is to have a bank account and transfer the amount into their bank account with your number in the reference field. This normally takes up to three business days. Then you can send money to whoever you want (you need just to know their e-mail). Moneybookers will explain him/her how to open an account and withdraw the money easily.

The taxes for the transfers are more than fair 1cent for every dollar but no more than 50 cents. And the withdraw is just 2.7 dollars no matter the amount. Or if you prefer they can send a cheque for just 5.1 dollars.

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Which internet payment system (wallet) should I use?

It is getting more and more difficult to choose an on-line payment system due to its getting bigger number and negative echoes in the major forums.

Most of the “paid to” programs, as well as the so called hyip (hyper yield investment programs) and other not very respectable site use e-gold which is really easy way to transact on the internet. It has its very serious advantages: you keep your money in gold so you don’t have to worry about the dollar going down and down. They will never ask for your ID and block your account due suspicious transactions. But, it has really serious commissions you need to pay when deposit and then when withdraw.

Speaking about gambling sites Moneybookers is definitely the right decision. It works with most of the bookmakers and its commissions are acceptable. And it is quite secure and users’ friendly processor.

And for the major sites and auctions it is PayPal the only solution. They are the biggest and they work just fine for the most of their US costumers. Regretfully, they have no alternative in many interesting programs so in a way PayPal is obligatory.


PayPal vs. Moneybookers

I am using both PayPal and Moneybookers for quite a time and I can’t stop thinking that Moneybookers is much better in a few ways. It has better design and functionality and it makes me feel much more secured because of its code and SMS options.

PayPal has a really large market piece and this is the reason I need it but despite the fact that it is the most powerful on-line payment solution in the United States it has no real argument in the fight against Moneybookers. I read so many threads with users who lost thousands of money in PayPal that I really feel horrified every time I need to use this payment processor.

I need to have a separate debit card for PayPal which is the other reason I really dislike it. Using Moneybookers with my bank account is much safer and I know that my money is where they should be.