PayPay is getting popular in Europe

The new on-line payment system PayPay is getting more and more popular in Europe. This processor offers a few new and useful features which are attracting the attention of the usual internet users.

Of course, it will take time before people start trusting them with their money but the prospective is clearly in favor. After the common dissatisfied of PayPal and its costumers service it looks reasonable to search for new on-line payment alternatives.

As transferring money on the internet is becoming and important part of our life we are focused on finding the solution which suits our needs best. I am personally giving a try to most of the payment processor which look reliable.


Better new PayPal

The well known on-line payment solution: PayPal has now a new and much more actual looking appearance. Which brings to the point shouldn’t they alarm their user about this change. When I typed the address and saw the new vision I somehow decided that misspelled the name somehow. And I was wondering for a couple of moments if I wasn’t victim of some kind of physhing. It is really interesting question is it acceptable for an on-line payment processor where you trust your money to change so unexpectedly its design. I seriously believe it shouldn’t.

But then the good news came: new features and better functionality. It appeared to be possible to withdraw funds directly to the bank card (something which Moneybookers offered long time ago). It does matters for people without US bank accounts.

The other thing which made me surprised was the inclusion of new members in the community. It appears that fighting competition has good influence on the biggest on-line payment system and they have decided to evolve. Bravo, PayPal, bravo!

Taking into consideration that PayPal continues to be the only on-line payment solution for many programs and using it (despite of all its disadvantages) is mandatory we have to be grateful for these signs of improvement.


Cheap way to send/receive money

If you need to send or receive money from abroad quite often then you most certainly know that the expenses for these operations are serious. Using on-line payment systems can reduce them significantly.

For example uploading funds to your Moneybookers wallet is free of charge. The only thing to do is to have a bank account and transfer the amount into their bank account with your number in the reference field. This normally takes up to three business days. Then you can send money to whoever you want (you need just to know their e-mail). Moneybookers will explain him/her how to open an account and withdraw the money easily.

The taxes for the transfers are more than fair 1cent for every dollar but no more than 50 cents. And the withdraw is just 2.7 dollars no matter the amount. Or if you prefer they can send a cheque for just 5.1 dollars.

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Which internet payment system (wallet) should I use?

It is getting more and more difficult to choose an on-line payment system due to its getting bigger number and negative echoes in the major forums.

Most of the “paid to” programs, as well as the so called hyip (hyper yield investment programs) and other not very respectable site use e-gold which is really easy way to transact on the internet. It has its very serious advantages: you keep your money in gold so you don’t have to worry about the dollar going down and down. They will never ask for your ID and block your account due suspicious transactions. But, it has really serious commissions you need to pay when deposit and then when withdraw.

Speaking about gambling sites Moneybookers is definitely the right decision. It works with most of the bookmakers and its commissions are acceptable. And it is quite secure and users’ friendly processor.

And for the major sites and auctions it is PayPal the only solution. They are the biggest and they work just fine for the most of their US costumers. Regretfully, they have no alternative in many interesting programs so in a way PayPal is obligatory.


PayPal vs. Moneybookers

I am using both PayPal and Moneybookers for quite a time and I can’t stop thinking that Moneybookers is much better in a few ways. It has better design and functionality and it makes me feel much more secured because of its code and SMS options.

PayPal has a really large market piece and this is the reason I need it but despite the fact that it is the most powerful on-line payment solution in the United States it has no real argument in the fight against Moneybookers. I read so many threads with users who lost thousands of money in PayPal that I really feel horrified every time I need to use this payment processor.

I need to have a separate debit card for PayPal which is the other reason I really dislike it. Using Moneybookers with my bank account is much safer and I know that my money is where they should be.


PayPay is the new alternative of PayPal

Recently there is a boom of new on-line payment solutions and each of them is aggressively trying to attract costumers by all means available. This particular site: PayPay is easy to be mistaken (I didn’t even noticed the difference in the name with the PayPal).

I first noticed the similarities not only in the names but in site design and functionality. Then when I looked deeper and I found very interesting new features like:

1. It is possible to have several PayPay accounts with different currencies and each of them to have different email address and cell phone number.

2. Improved mobile phone functionality: it is easy to transfer funds to anyone on cell phone number. It is really revolutionary that you can transfer funds without logging in PayPay system through the internet only by your mobile phone.

3. Costumers can receive funds on their PayPay accounts from anyone, even if the sender is not a PayPay user.

I plan to test this payment processor carefully mainly because I liked that fact that they are innovative and the superb functionality of their web site (much better than PayPal). Of course they are going to need time to develop the system completely and include more counties in their list but so far it looks really good.

You can take a look by yourself: PayPay


Definition of online payment systems

The on-line payment systems are e-commerce businesses allowing money transfers to be made only through Internet (most of them maintain fully functional mobile applications). They function as a fast and secure electronic alternative to traditional methods as cheques, money orders or bank transfers. The systems perform payment processing not only for online vendors, auction sites, and other corporate users but between their costumers, for which it charges a fee which is much less than the bank wire transfer equivalent

The so called "online wallets" allows their customers to:
1) Pay online with revealing their credit card details
2) Transfer money to each other at very low cost often less than $1,00
3) Add and withdraw funds directly to bank accounts
4) Most of the companies has prepaid card so there is no need for you to even have a bank account or bank card

Most of the companies are strictly financially regulated so they are as secure as banks.


Online payment systems

There are quite a few options to make online payment but it is hard to estimate which one is the best and safest. Whatever you plan to buy or to sell on the Internet, except credit cards you need to consider online payment processors as well. If you are new to the e-commerce business and you do not plan to spend more than a thousand dollars a month, you will need a third party processor.

With a really credible online payment system, you can pay and get paid instantly. There are various payment services which allow you to set up your e-commerce store and to accept online payments in various modes. When you consider which one to choose, except the fees, you should have in mind that online frauds pose a very serious threat. You try to protect yourself by getting latest security and fraud prevention tools.

A big advantage of using an online payment processing company is the fact that you can save a lot of time because you will not have to worry about such things as obtaining authorizations or making sure that the payments are credited. On the other hand, you should not risk using the services of payment processors without good reputation. You need to make you own research to choose the best option for you.

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Brief overview of the costs of electronic payments

Online payment systems normally have similar pricing structure and their unique charging elements. A few have monthly or annual administration fee but the most of the internet payment processors do not charge for the time you keep your money in their accounts. It is strongly advisable that you examine their specific structures in details before you register in any of them. You can find the product information on their sites in their terms of use.

The cost per transaction is the main source of income for every payment system. A few of the providers charge a percentage on each transaction and a few of them have a flat fee or a combination between them (for instance Moneybookers charge 1% but not more than $0,50).

The specific costs of each product depend on the average transaction value of each specific business। The other important factors are: online turnover transaction, perceived security risk, exposure level, frequency and the period the company has been trading.


The UK is the European leader in Electronic Payments

Accepting electronic payments is very essential to all kinds of modern business. According to Office of National Statistics the UK is currently Europe's largest e-commerce economy where almost two-thirds of consumers have tried online shopping.

According to the latest information the value of Internet sales has risen by 56% only between 2004 and 2005, and from £66.2 bn it has reached £103.3 bn. Whereas the proportion of businesses selling online has risen significantly by 22% from 12% of businesses to 14.6% of businesses.

Benefits of Electronic Payments

Electronic payments benefit you and your business by mainly by reducing your costs and extending your customer base. It is important that like your competitors, your business can offer a wide range of payment options. This way you will not need invoices, cheques and cash. Costumers may be allowed purchases that otherwise would be delayed. Even small discounts to encourage online purchases improve the perception. And rationally looked if you do not offer the full range of payments including the most popular online options but your competitors do, what would this say for you in the eyes of the costumers?

Electronic payments increase profitability because they remove administrative resources required by invoices, cheques and cash. They can use credit cards to enable instant purchasing. Payments at the time of purchase are reducing the well known pressure caused by long invoicing. You can enjoy the open payment channels via the phone, mail and Internet and at the same time increase your customer base. And of course more customers mean more revenue. If you match and beat the services of your competitors you would gain the edge.


PayPal allows you to send and receive online payments conveniently and cost-effectively

PayPal allows any business or individual costumer to send and receive online payments only with an email address. Their network is built on the existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts with credit and debit cards and it creates a global, real-time payment solution. Their mission is to deliver a product which is ideally suited for small businesses, online merchants and individual.

Mainly the size of their network has helped them to become the leading payment network for online auction websites, including eBay. PayPal is used at any type of e-commerce sites for sales of goods as electronics and household items. It is common practice offline businesses such as lawyers, contractors and physicians to receive payments online through PayPal. PayPal is a inovative service which lets internet users to send payments for free.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

E-GOLD in exchange for any national currency

The e-gold system is the only system designed to be absolutely free of financial risks. There should be no debt or contingent liabilities associated with this on-line currency. Because of this, E-gold Ltd does not possess any kind of national currency and has no bank accounts in any bank. E-gold Ltd is not in position to offer currency exchange services to its costumers. For this there is growing number of independent exchangers around the world which are supporting exchange between the national currencies and e-gold. Accepting various remittance methods such as credit cards, checks, bank wires, money orders, and other online payment systems to proved comprehensive service.

Moneybookers -the truly universal destination for enabling the most secure and convenient digital money transactions

Moneybookers aims to be tomorrow's first really universal destination for the most secure and convenient digital money transactions assisting people and businesses to connect in real time anywhere.
The mission of the organization is to be a highly competitive and trusted banking alternative which provides millions of internet users worldwide with the opportunity for online shopping and transfer of money in a reliable, convenient and secure way. They focus on providing the highest possible level of reliability and transparency. Moneybookers are trying to provide their costumers with an international, entrepreneurial and innovative environment which will deliver the most value.

The main benefits are:
Unrivalled pricing
Real-time money transmissions
Borderless as Internet