Dao Pay: More revenue - no credit card needed.

Whether you're an established online business or a brand new startup, accepting daopay is almost certainly the easiest way for you to instantly grow your business without any significant development or marketing investment.

Because although you might already accept all the major credit cards and even PayPal, chances are you are missing out on a significant number of people who’d like to pay you - but can't. Which is like saying "No, thank you" to your customers (just not as polite).

And it's not that they don't like your products, they really do; they just don't feel comfortable sharing their credit card number over the internet because they're concerned about their privacy. Or they don't have a credit card, which is still very common outside the United States.

You can check it out on: www.daopay.com


Adiba Alam said...

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john said...

thank u